Tip: A winning Way to Manage Empty Product Boxes

Elusive Empty Boxes Once your carefully selected gift items are beautifully displayed in your store what do you have? Empty boxes. No problem, lets┬ájust put those away neatly in the back. Now when an item sells we can offer to get the box for the customer. What great service! So we step away from the […]

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2008 Retailer and Supplier Surveys

In a May 2008 national survey of Catholic stores, Catholic Retail explored both store and supplier perceptions related to the Future of the Catholic Trade. Results of that study indicate a general sense of optimism about the future of Catholic retail, but also indicated concerns about the cost of materials, production and energy as well […]

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Catholic Store Support

Supporting the Catholic Faithful – Sharing the Faith – Serving the Church Catholic Stores provide a valuable resource for Catholic individuals and institutions. They offer resources for Catholic reading and study, a wealth of sacramentals such as medals and statues, and relevant gifts to commemorate the celebration of the sacraments. Virtually all Catholic stores in […]

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